Our Artist

Patrick Dandoczi

Dj | Producer | Record Label Owner

Patrick Dandoczi is a versatile artist, known for his prowess as a DJ, producer, and record label owner. With a deep passion for underground electronic music, Patrick brings his unique style and energy to every performance. From captivating DJ sets to original productions, his dedication to the craft shines through in every aspect of his work. Stay tuned for his latest releases and upcoming gigs as Patrick continues to push boundaries and make his mark on the electronic music scene.

DJ Feroce

Dj playing house, techno and rap music

DJ Feroce is a dynamic artist who seamlessly blends the sounds of house, techno, and rap music. With a keen ear for selecting the perfect tracks, Feroce creates immersive sets that take audiences on a sonic journey. Whether it’s a pulsating club night or a high-energy festival stage, DJ Feroce brings an infectious energy and a diverse range of musical influences to every performance. Stay tuned to catch his electrifying sets and experience the fusion of genres that defines his unique style.

Silviu Dandoczi

Founder & Manager: Advanced Booking Agency

Silviu Dandoczi is the founder and manager of Advanced Booking Agency. With a deep understanding of the music industry and a passion for promoting talented artists, Silviu has played a pivotal role in shaping the success of the agency. His expertise in artist management, event coordination, and industry connections has contributed to the growth and recognition of Advanced Booking Agency as a leading force in the underground electronic music scene. With Silviu’s guidance and vision, the agency continues to support artists and elevate the electronic music landscape.